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We are currently gathering in monthly book clubs during 2021, focusing on books related to sexuality and sex-positivity.  

Books are neutral mediums that can make discussion about sensitive topics easier, such as sexuality.

We have discussed: Come As You Are (by Emily Nagoski in Jan 2021), Shameless (by Nadia Bolz-Weber in Feb 2021), Becoming Cliterate (by Laurie Mintz in March 2021), Not Always in the Mood (by Sarah Hunter Murray, April 2021), Odes (by Sharon Olds, May 2021), Big Big Love (by Hanna Blank, June 2021), Stolen Women (by Dr. Gail Wyatt, July 2021), Polysecure (by Jessica Fern, August 2021).

Upcoming books planned for our book club are as follows:

  • Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott, September 2021
  • Enjoy Sex by Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock, October 2021
  • The Art of Receiving and Giving by Betty Martin, November 2021 
  • Sexual Fluidity by Lisa Diamond, December 2021

Additional books under consideration are: Tell Me What you Want by Justin LeMiller, Ethical Porn for Dicks by David Ley, Consent: The New Rules of Sex Education by Jennifer Lang, Naked At Our Age by Joan Price, and Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon. 

The size of our book club is limited to 10 participants. To register, please email me at  

If you have a request for a book club focused on a specific book or topic related to sexual well-being, please email me. For these books as well as others that I recommend, please see

For the date and time of our next book club, see: Events and Services Summary – Ignite Well-Being (

Please note that previously, this book club used the names Sex Nerd and Let’s Talk About Sex book club.  Thank you for your patience as we work to fit a name to our community.


Book Reviews

Not Always in the Mood by Sarah Hunter Murray: 

All About Love by bell hooks:

Foxfire, Wolfskin by Sharon Blackie: 

Books on Sobriety and Recovery

Books on Gender and Sexual Wellness


~More coming soon~


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