Events and Services Summary

*Please note that details of specific events are on Facebook and are updated more often there*
**All events require pre-registration for planning purposes and space restriction. Events are subject to cancellation if registration is low. No drop-ins please**
*** I have purposefully kept my prices low and offer many free gatherings. If you are financially restricted and would like to receive a service or participate in an event, contact me directly to discuss scholarship or alternative options for paid gatherings you’d otherwise be unable to attend.***

Offerings include one on one options, sacred circles, death cafes, children and nature events, and workshops.

One on One Client Options
Please see Private Client Information tab for offerings and pricing):


Workshops/Group Offerings


Sex Nerd Book Club:
Upcoming Dates:
• March 22nd 630-8pm Central (Virtual). Book: Becoming Cliterate by Laurie Mintz
• April 19th 630-8pm Central (Virtual). Book: Not Always in the Mood by Sarah Hunter Murray
• May 17th 630-8pm Central (Virtual). Book: Odes by Sharon Olds
• June 21st 630-8pm Central (Virtual). Book: Big Big Love by Hanne Blank

The book club events are free (love donations are welcome) and open to all genders. The size is limited. To register, please email me at

Additional books under consideration are: Tell Me What you Want by Justin LeMiller, Ethical Porn for Dicks by David Ley, Consent: The New Rules of Sex Education by Jennifer Lang, and Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon. 

Books we have covered and the date of the event: Come As You Are (Emily Nagoski, Jan 2021), Shameless (Nadia Bolz-Weber, Feb 2021)

If you have a request for a book club focused on a specific book or topic related to sexual well-being, please email me. For these books as well as others that I recommend, please see


Shamanic Practice Information Sessions:
Upcoming Dates:
• Introduction to Journeying – March 4th 7-830pm Central (Virtual)

Past sessions covered introduction to shamanic practice, relationship to plants, and death and dying. This session will focus on the basics of journeying, a 15 min journey, self-reflection and sharing and is based off core shamanic practice techniques.

$15/household (via venmo or quickpay/zelle; if you need to pay via Paypal, please contact me so that we can discuss additional fees)
Size is limited and pre-registration is required 48 hrs before the event by emailing Allison at Zoom details will be sent out within 12-24 hrs prior to the event.


Lunch and Learn
Upcoming dates:
• March 25th 12-1230pm Central (Virtual), Art for Resilience
• April 17th 12-1230pm Central (Virtual), Movement for Mental Health

Join us for short learning opportunities, centering new ways of looking at well-being. In March, we will discuss how art can help individuals be physically and emotionally resilient and create community (social wellbeing and community care). In April, we will discuss how using movement not only brings about physical health benefits, but can also boost mental health, through lowered stress (completing the stress cycle), improved focus, and reduced anxiety and depression. Free. Size is limited and pre-registration is required by emailing me:


Pleasure Café:
Upcoming dates:
• February 27th, 4-530pm (Central), Virtual, Womxn only ($10/individual)
• March 13th, 4-530pm (Central), Virtual, All genders ($10/individual)


This is a newer offering, recently opened to the public. We explore what pleasure means (and its synonyms – joy, eroticism, embodiment); discuss sexuality education topics and the importance of sexual wellness, as well as framing pleasure/joy/sex as social justice issues. Pleasure café is open to adults only secondary to the adult content discussed. This offering compliments our Death Cafes (see below), and like the death cafes, we hope that discussion will lead to consciousness-rising, mindfulness, and a more full, holistic way of being.

This offering aligns with my professional role as a sexuality counselor, providing sexuality education, resources for participants, as well as shared group space to dismantle the ubiquitous shaming and silencing around sexuality. As a sexuality counselor, I facilitate dialogue around sexuality for your to make discoveries about yourself, for yourself. If you are interested in one-on-one counseling sessions or in related workshops, please email me.

Participants must complete a group session agreement prior to participation and are expected to maintain confidentiality of and safety within our shared space. Participants are welcome to complete a post-assessment survey of their experience. Love donations are welcome and appreciated; starting in late February, there will be a small fee to attend.


WILD Woman Project Circle
Upcoming Dates:
• March 14th 2-330pm Central (Virtual)

Beginning in April, our circles will resume partnership with The Resiliency Institute, via an online platform. Details and registration information are coming soon. Please email me to register at Early registration is recommended and size is limited. $15/each (payable through venmo or quickpay/zelle; if paying through paypal, please contact me to discuss additional fees)
Additional information here:


Death Café
Upcoming dates:
• February 24th 130-230pm Central (Virtual)
• March 9th 630-8pm Central (Virtual)

We are now facilitating Death Cafes (for more information see Although death cafes are typically conducted in-person, we are meeting virtually to make this service accessible during this particularly potent time (COVID-19). Pre-registration is required by emailing me: Our Death Cafes are typically Tuesdays or Wednesdays and alternate between evening and daytime offerings.


Fireside Fridays
Upcoming dates:
• February 19th 130-230pm Central (Virtual)
• February 26th 130-230pm Central (Virtual)

This is a new offering – free and virtual via zoom. We will gather weekly to connect with our individual creativity. Bring the tools that you need for your craft (writing, sketching, etc) and a comfortable seat, sign in, mute yourself, and get to creating. Use our assigned time to commit to yourself, your inspiration, and to touch in to your creative source (our “fire”).
We will not review pieces or give creative advice; however, if that setting or connection is desired, one is coming soon for our Patreon mid-tier supporters and higher ( ). Creativity is inherent in everyone, and connection to our creative fires can offer a more holistic sense of well-being and purpose as well as a deeper sense of self. To register, email me by 48 hrs in advance of the event at


Wild Family Circle
Upcoming Dates:
• TBD, likely July 2021

For 2021, we anticipate offering these family circles once quarterly, covid-depending. Please stay tuned. Additional information is here:


Naperville Family Nature Meetup
Upcoming dates:
• On hold secondary to rising covid-19 numbers

We will meet at a local park, allow the children to explore and hike and play.
For more details or to register, email me: This event is free. Additional information:


Free Forest School
Upcoming dates:
• On hold locally and nationally for COVID-19

Please register on our local Facebook page (Free Forest School of Chicagoland) and complete their waiver form. This event is free. You are welcome to leave the event early if the timing is restrictive for your child’s needs. Additional information: