Leverage Your Motivation

Fitness Friday: leverage your motivation.

What motivates you to live your fullest and most well life with the body you have in this moment?

Movement is a favorite well-being modality of mine, personally and professionally. Most people can reiterate the benefits of exercise, but physical fitness is not easily accessible to everyone (affordability, time, accessibility, finances, safe spaces to exercise, childcare, etc). It often hinges on appearance or weight loss, which is problematic (reinforcing harmful beauty and body standards; something I work hard to avoid) and not realistic for everyone. The CDC actually recommends avoiding the emphasis on weight loss for exercise motivation https://www.cdc.gov/pcd/issues/2017/17_0006.htm

…..And if you aren’t currently exercising, are you really ever going to start? Honestly. And if not, ok, how do we (you) maximize your well-being outside of movement medicine? Fitness, as well as big picture health and well-being, are all about so much more than exercise or even physical health. Mental wellness, spiritual wellness, sexual wellness, community & relationship wellness, environmental wellness, all of these are pillars of fitness and health and, besides mental health, are not often considered for maximizing well-being. Which ones are your health hook, your “fitness” motivation? And do you even know where/how to address these if they interest you?

As a holistic healthcare provider that is focused on prevention and wellness, I don’t stay in a lane. Yes, as a physical therapist, CHEK practitioner, and personal trainer, movement is a favorite of mine but I’m fortunate to have the professional background that addresses many of the above pillars (reiki, meditation/yoga, #shamanicpractice, community circles, ecology/#naturerx /#herbalism, death education/ #deathcafes, and now training in #sexualitycounseling). While I began my career wanting to share exercise with clients, more commonly clients find me for my other specialities. Often these pillars are interrelated too – once a client feels better in one realm, it permeates others. Don’t let the challenges of physical exercise or your disinterest in it keep you from accessing other aspects of your well-being.

I’d love to hear your “fitness” journey. Please consider sharing in the comments below, to lift and inspire others.

In gratitude for you all. Wishing you a connective and restorative weekend. #witnessmyfitness #fitnessfriday #holistichealth #itsnotallaboutexercise #findyourhook #motivationiscontagious #wellbeing



Written by Dr. Allison Mitch, copyright protected, please cite accordingly.  Originally posted to social media on 10/23/20.    Image is from Pexels.  Interested in working with me?, email me at ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com

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