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My Background And Vision:

I am a holistic healthcare practitioner, located in Naperville, IL,  that recognizes the need for well-being across the individual (bodymindspirit) with a diverse educational background, including wildlife ecology (MS), yoga teacher training (RYT 500), doctorate of physical therapy (DPT), reiki master, ordained reverend, herbalism, and core shamanic practice.

Rather than seeing humans as mechanistic beings, separate from nature, I recognize that we are, as a species, interconnected and integrally related to our ecosystem. True healing and wellness comes from an incorporation of all ways of being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual = integrative, even sexual, holistic health) and a deeper relationship with the earth.

My areas of interest and modalities of well-being include functional exercise and movement medicine, but also well beyond those exercise modalities to shamanic techniques, yoga, end of life care/death education, reiki, and nature connection, with training in sexual counseling (current). (See offerings and private client tab for more information). Holistic health and well-being includes modalities beyond basic diet and exercise.

In addition to maximizing individual wellness, I work to develop community connection through my wild woman and wild family offerings as well as my writing. Community care and connection is integral to healthy societies and systems structured around permaculture, partnership, and abundance.

Big picture: My creative vision and professional goals are to promote re-wilding for healing and wellness using art, sacred circles, meditation, movement, nature & community.

About my writing:

Part of my creative visioning involves writing essays and poetry, to explore the "wild" (instinctual, intuitive), the esoteric, the unseen and subtle as well as the status quo, and the intersectionality of the social, political, and spiritual. Because of this, the blog posts are not always family-friendly and might contain language and concepts not suitable for the work environment.  I do, however, post family-friendly ideas and specific information on my Naperville Family Nature Meetup page.


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