Physical Well-Being

Movement is a significant contributor to physical and mental health.  As a physical therapist that works in fitness at the community level, I can assist with:

  • Familiarizing you with the basics of exercise if you don't know where to start
  • Determine what will keep you motivated to continue to engage in movement
  • Assist you in making exercise safe and accessible if you have a new medical condition or disability
  • Move personal and collective emphasis of exercise away from weight loss and toward moving for joy
  • Offer exercise pointers if you are falling short of your self-determined goals
  • Graded exercise and strength training programs for your new athletic endeavors (great for teen athletes too)

Spiritual Well-Being

As a shamanic practitioner, psychopomp, reiki master, and yoga teacher, I can assist you with:
  • Exploring meaning and purpose, outside of or in addition to more traditional lineages
  • Body based energetic practices such as reiki, yoga, and shamanic work
  • Medium-based readings
  • Death doula support at the community level
  • Assisting with the life transitions via ceremony and care, such as marking menarche or menopause, as well as abortion and miscarriage doula services
  • Facilitating the crossing of problematic entities and/or encounters via house blessings and psychopomp work

Environmental Well-being

I offer a variety of modalities that may assist you in exploring your own nature connection, including:
  • Ways to enjoy reciprocity with nature
  • A permaculture lens for earth connection, community, spirituality, and sexuality
  • Ideas on being a better steward in your earth care practices

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Social Well-Being

Our culture has a significant deficit in meaningful social connectivity.  We are a social species and need each other - loneliness is deadly.  As a facilitator of various events, I can:
  • Offer you new community events, with the opportunity to expand your social networks 
  • Facilitate and explore more meaningful topics in conversation, including around death and dying, spirituality, sexuality, parenting, and pleasure
  • Link you to peer groups I facilitate including my queer ecology group and sexual well-being groups using the GSRD model (gender, sexual orientation, and relationship diversity)
  • Explore and implement a social justice lens and DEI practices in your personal, relational, and communal lifves for improved understanding, accessibility, equity, and social care and cohesion.

Sexual Well-Being

As a trained sexuality counselor and educator, using a systems-based and trauma-informed lens, I can assist on your sexual wellness journey.  Commonly, these include:
  • Concerns regarding desire discrepancies and/or difficulty access your own desire
  • Maintaining or reigniting your erotic connection, to yourself and/or partner/s
  • Navigating boundaries with partner/s (ex. secrets vs privacy)
  • Communication strategies for your relationships, including dating app navigation
  • Ending intergenerational trauma from sexual knowledge deficits, including instruction in sex positive parenting
  • Understanding and exploring your orientation, gender, various practices, and/or opening a relationship 
  • Transition doula support to aid in your gender transition
  • Developing more inclusive and affirming workplace strategies for gender, sexual, and relationship diversity
  • Access to sexuality peer groups

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