Client Reviews

Below are a sampling of reviews from individuals and groups that I have worked with :


Reviews of fitness/wellness, physical therapy, and yoga services:

  • “The work that Allison does in the world is both transformative and healing. I had the pleasure of attending the wild women’s circles in person when I lived locally, and after a year or so of those meetings, felt like they were powerful opportunities to be vulnerable, hold space for others, reflect on my life each month, ground myself in earth based practices, and build relationships with people in my area. I hold those circles deep in my heart but after moving, could no longer attend. Luckily, Allison’s virtual offerings continue to ground me in my values, hold space for nuanced conversations and exploration, and be a landing space for growth. If you’re considering hiring or joining Allison’s offerings, my only feedback to you is prepare for someone to truly see you, and to find new ways to see yourself too.”


– Clarke, a client and friend (I am blessed that many of my clients become dear friends; thank YOU, Clarke, for your kind words and making my professional dreams possible by receiving my work).


  • “I’ve engaged with Allison’s work in a variety of  capacities – from her facilitation of group activities/discussions including Wild Women Circle, Death Cafe, Pleasure Cafe and Sex Positive Parenting, to her Yoga for Sensuality offerings, Shamanic Journey training, and a one-on-one Fitness Evaluation session. I have found Allison to be nothing short of a wellspring of knowledge, a conduit for connection, an attentive, attuned listener and a thoughtful and intuitive provider. Her work serves significantly important spaces in the community and fosters deeply-needed conversations within the community, while holistically and respectfully meeting people exactly where they are. Finding Allison and participating in her offerings has been a true lifeline. I feel more aligned with my wellness journey in every opportunity I’ve had to share space with her.”    


– Janelle, client, attendee for a variety of my/our offerings, and now a friend.  In such gratitude for this person (thanks, Janelle, for the beautiful words and for receiving what I do!). 



  • “I’ve been working with Dr Allison for a few months now on some previous and current injuries/physical problems, and of ALL the Doctors and trainers I’ve consulted with, Allison is by far the most knowledgeable, kind, understanding, and helpful! I immediately saw from our first meeting that she knew exactly what she was talking about, and sure enough, the exercises and tips she’s given me have corrected muscle imbalances both functionally and aesthetically, improved my posture, and increased my mobility. I lift weights, and had injuries from Jiu Jitsu and running. She takes my concerns very seriously and gives me concrete solutions. Her advice and expansive base of knowledge is indispensable. Allison has even helped me with problems I didn’t know could be solved! She takes the time to really listen. Plus, she’s super nice! She’s one of a kind.”


– Kirk, several months in to our working relationship. (Kirk and I have worked together to resume his fitness goals despite a history of previous injuries. I did not treat his injuries directly but worked to improve his posture, core strength, and flexibility….done! )



  • “I’ve already noticed a remarkable difference in the way my ankle looks and feels. I’ve been distributing my weight differently (not so much on my toes) and my ankle swelling is reduced and feels more stable. So something is working!”


-Alison M., a week after her evaluation with me and performing her home exercise program. Her ankle has been bothering her for over 6 years! My training as a CHEK practitioner and physical therapist allow me a unique lens to see my clients (primarily through functional training).



  • “I started working with Allison within a yoga context but she has become so much more. A friend, instructor, confidant, guide, teacher and true healer. Her mere friendly and loving presence is enough to feel a healing touch. With her help and guidance I have found practices I didn’t even know were available to me. Exercises that today have become invaluable tools on my healing journey. It was synchronistic events that brought Allison into my life and when true healing was accepted into my being. It’s an overall healing of mind, body and spirit. Her expertise in physical therapy has been applied many times in addressing pain and mobility. She has even joined forces with my physical therapy team in forming a supportive circle around my healing.”
  •  Updated July 2023 “The wonderfulness and kindness found in Allison can not be contained in a single review and yet as many reviews given nothing can do justice to describe such a beautiful soul. I have been working with Allison for several years in a yoga capacity then we added personal training and some reiki here and there. Her knowledge base has allowed us to explore various modalities and personalize a healing journey of body and spirit. The support she has shared with me with so much of her learning has been so nurturing as I navigate through the disability world I was not born into but suddenly awoke into and with her support I have learned to embrace and navigate with bravery” 

-Diana, private client since approx 2018 that has limited mobility. I believe in looking at the entire individual for healing modalities and working with the client’s current healthcare practitioners to ensure best practice and quality care. (Thank you for the kind words!)  She is making strength and mobility progress (her goals) with me nearly 10 years after her stroke!



  • ”After one session with Allison and diligently following her treatment recommendations, I regained mobility in my back within just a few days. She is extremely thorough in her assessment of your condition and provides very detailed and comprehensive  professional explanations for the conditions she identifies, and for her treatment recommendations.  Her very compassionate, non-judgmental, nurturing bedside manner is insurpassable –  I only wish I could visit every day!”


-Jodi, private client (thank you for your sweet review)


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Reviews of reiki/shamanic services:

  • “This was my first shamanic experience.  My daughter and granddaughter highly recommended Dr. Allison Mitch. They both had a positive experience and thought I should participate in a shamanic session. / I made an appointment for a soul retrieval.  I had been feeling like my energy was all over the place.  During the retrieval Dr. Allison called in a power animal and I was very surprised to find out what it was but after she explained it to me it made perfect sense for me. She asked for guides and again I was surprised who it was.  In fact, it was the last person I expected but it was emotional and healing.  She sought out specific soul retrieval pieces and said they came back ready to help me feel less anxious which I desperately need. / I have felt more peaceful since the session but I still have some anxiety and PTSD which I realize will take time to treat. / I will definitely return to Dr. Allison. In fact I am seeking physical therapy for a condition I have that no orthopedic surgeon seems to have an answer. I have been to traditional PT with no results. Dr. Allison Mitch has many credentials one being Physical Therapist. I am hoping she can help me heal./ I also would highly recommend Dr. Allison Mitch if you are looking for some peace in your life”


– KMS, a new client in the summer of 2023.  We have since figured out what is likely happening with her hip and with some manual therapy, we are resolving her pain, slowly, but this is an improvement over no relief to worsening pain with other providers.  I look forward to continuing to help her on her journey toward her most well self. 



  • “Allison is truly a genuine, honest, and empathetic person. Her presence alone has the capacity to bring a sense of peace and calmness to anyone around. As a fellow physical therapist, I am also passionate about using conservative and holistic methods for healing. I contacted her 10 months after a traumatic car accident looking for reiki and to learn more about shamanic methods. She took the time to explain her own educational and training background and the intent and rationale behind using different methods. Each time I meet with Allison I leave feeling more and more uplifted and peaceful. I am very grateful to have met such a wonderfully pure, kind, and compassionate soul on my healing journey. I would highly recommend her!”


-Jessie, client, review from Facebook and shared with permission.



  • “I decided to reach out to Allison for a Reiki healing session. I have never done this before. I had heard of it but did not know too much about the practice. Once I did some research, I decided to try it. I have had a few major, sad events over the past year in my life. I wanted to feel a calmness again in my everyday life. I knew it wouldn’t be instant but a progression. Allison was so amazing in her approach. She explained the events as she was performing them. I was amazed by her healing touch, it was so soothing. I experienced a lot of different energy levels, something she said I may experience. Allison is a wonderful soul and has a tremendous gift. I am grateful she shares this knowledge.”


-Jane (Naperville)



  • “To start, this was my first experience with reiki. I have heard of it but never researched it. My mom suggested I try reiki for the first time after she completed a session with Allison the week prior to me. To be completely honest, I was skeptical going in but it turned out to be a wonderful and positive experience. I have generalized anxiety and I left my session feeling extremely relaxed and at peace. My anxiety was the lowest I think it’s ever been. My biggest tip for a first time reiki-goer is to be open minded and accepting of the energy that is passing through you because I now believe in their healing powers. As for Allison, she is a lovely, kind, and professional person. She conducts her sessions from a quiet room in her house. The minute I entered the doorway, I felt welcomed and at ease. If you are going to try reiki, give Allison a shot! You will not be disappointed.”


-Sarah (metro Chicago)



  • “This was my first time seeing someone for reiki and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have been dealing with anxiety attacks and my mom suggested that I give reiki a shot. Allison made me feel comfortable from the get go. She explained everything before I even got on the table so I wouldn’t be surprised with anything that she did. Everyone’s experience is different, but she went over examples of what some people have felt during the process. In my personal experience, her touch was very warm and as time went by I could feel the tension leaving my body. I left with an overwhelming relaxing sensation in my body and mind. Allison was very professional and has such a warm, open heart. If you are considering having reiki done, I highly recommend seeing her.”


-M.M. Olivas



  • “My ceremony of well being began with Allison cleansing each participant before I spoke opening words of welcome and gratitude. Everything flowed from there as Allison performed sacred rituals with knowledge and reverence, explaining each step as she went along. Tools of release were used as I stepped into an acceptance of my current situation and altered mobility. Allison lovingly guided me on a journey connecting ancestors, nature, and Mother Earth. Her calmness and compassion was genuine and heartfelt throughout.  Allison’s wisdom and her open, sharing heart have helped me to heal and given me the courage to move forward. I am lucky and honored to know Allison and would highly recommend her teachings and healing services to everyone.”


-Cathy, Naperville, on her healing ceremony that I created and facilitated


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Reviews of WILD Woman Circles


When asked what they liked about circle:

  • “I really enjoyed being in meditation, guided and with sound, it’s awesome to change the frequency in the room! I also really like pulling cards and having something that grounds me in mediation. I like the entrance and offer of oils to apply to activate my senses.”
  • “Community of like minded women.”
  • “The feeling of being with accepting sisters”
  • “Everything! The quiet time just for myself. The lovely refreshments. The ritual and meditation…… I always felt so strong and peaceful after”


Reviews for WILD Mother-Daughter circles:


  • “Allison, You were absolutely incredible! I enjoyed the Circle so much. What a wealth of knowledge, time and care you put in to it, and I have been wanting for so long to share the ‘magic’ of Circle with my daughter. Beyond happy to have found this!  Much much love, Karen


-Review from Karen Moon, creator of the Divine Feminine App (


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Reviews of my blogs and poems:


  • “I’ve never read anything like it. You are doing it, girl” –A.W., reading A Call to Arms
  • “Holy F&*k. I can’t believe you said “re-membering”. This is what I’m sensing too.” – B.S., reading
  • “Beautiful. I need this” – S.S., reading
  • “Reading this was so beautiful and empowering. Thank you” – S.P., reading
  • “Wow! Gave me goosebumps!!! <3 <3 <3” – J.T., reading



Reviews from July 2018 my presentation to IPTA on nature therapy:


  • So informative, loved the ideas for way to integrate nature into our interventions to make use of the preventative medical benefits!
  • This was wonderful! I had heard an interview with the author of a book on the subject on NPR several months ago and was intrigued with it at that time- but your research obviously was so much more in depth, and the applications were so helpful! I particularly found the Green Exercise and Blue Exercise interesting as I certain relate to those myself. I am looking forward to being able to apply some of the principles in my work with children. Thank you very much!
  • I found the instructor and the material presented to be inspirational. Environmental respect and protection and the connection between physical/mental/spiritual health and nature are topics dear to my heart. To find a course presented by IPTA on these topics both surprised and delighted me. I am heartened to discover that there are like-minded professionals in this area! Thank you.
  • Wonderful presentation!
  • Never thought about the effect of nature on wellness in PT. I will try to incorporate nature into it more
  • Thank you, Dr. Mitch! Your presentation was engaging and highly informative, and I appreciate that you took time to answer questions.



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