Upcoming Events

*Please note that details of specific events are on Facebook and are updated more often there*
**All events require pre-registration for planning purposes, time management, and space restriction, approx. 48hrs in advance. Events are subject to cancellation if registration is low. No drop-ins please**
*** I have purposefully kept my prices low and offer many free gatherings. If you are financially restricted and would like to receive a service or participate in an event, contact me directly to discuss a sliding scale or alternative options for paid gatherings you’d otherwise be unable to attend.***

****Payment for group events/workshops are due 48hrs prior to the event.  Refunds will be honored up to 24hrs prior to the event****

Offerings are regularly updated and include one on one options, sacred circles, death cafes, children and nature events, and workshops.


One on One Client Options I currently see private clients for post-rehab/diagnosis fitness, personal training, yoga, reiki, shamanic practice, and sexuality counseling. Please see Private Client Information tab for offerings and pricing: http://ignitewell-being.com/private-client-information/



Workshops/Group Offerings


Savor Book Club
Upcoming dates:

  • Jan 24th 630pm Central (Virtual). Book: What Fresh Hell is This? by Heather Corinna
  • Feb 14th 6pm Central (Virtual). Book: Tell Me What You Want by Justin Lehmiller

The book club events are free (love donations are welcome, venmo @ignitewellbeing), open to all genders, and are a part of my professional offerings as a sexuality educator and counselor. Our book clubs complement other monthly topics, so please check out other workshops, including lunch and learns.

The size is limited to 10 participants. To register, please email me AT LEAST 48 hrs prior to the event at ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com

For more information on the book club, see the book club tab in the main menu.



Lunch and Learn
Upcoming dates:

• Fantasy & Desire, Feb 9th 12pm Central (Virtual).

A sexuality education ‘lunch and learn’, We will discuss fantasy and desire – the difference between those concepts, what common fantasies and desires are, how these manifest for different genders and sexualities, and how privilege may play into desire. (Our book club event for February is related; please consider registering for both).

Email ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com to register. Size is limited and pre-registration is required 48hrs minimum in advance of the event (registration closes 2 days prior to the event). Event is $25 with sliding scale if needed (venmo @ignitewellbeing). (venmo @ignitewellbeing).



Pleasure Café:
Upcoming dates:

  • Jan 22nd, 1-2pm Central (Virtual)
  • Feb 3rd, 4-5pm Central (Virtual)
  • Feb 13th, 1-2pm Central (Virtual)

These events are open to people with marginalized gender identities, including women and non-binary folks.

For more information, see http://ignitewell-being.com/pleasure-cafe/ Please email me to register at ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com. Early registration is recommended and size is limited. $30/household for 90min cafe, $25 for 60min (payable through venmo or quickpay/zelle; if paying through paypal, please contact me to discuss additional fees; sliding scale/free is available for those in need).  Participants must complete a group session agreement prior to participation and are expected to maintain confidentiality of and safety within our shared space. Participants are welcome to complete a post-assessment survey of their experience.



New Moon Circles
Upcoming Dates:
• Feb 6th 930-11am Central (Virtual)

Circles with The Resiliency Institute will return in the Spring 2022.  In the meantime, I am offering circles directly to the community via zoom.  Registration is required by emailing me (ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com), and early registration is recommended as circle size is limited. $15/household, payable via venmo (@ignitewellbeing)

Additional information on circles can be found here: https://ignitewell-being.com/new-moon-circles-naperville/ 



Death Café
Upcoming dates:

  • Feb 2nd, 1pm Central (Virtual) *note the time change*

For more information, see Death Café, Naperville – Ignite Well-Being (ignitewell-being.com) Pre-registration is required by emailing me: ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com. Our Death Cafes are typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays and alternate between evening and daytime offerings.



Fireside Fridays
Upcoming dates (once a month):

  • Feb 4th 12pm Central (Virtual)

Find more information here: Fireside (Creativity Gatherings) – Ignite Well-Being (ignitewell-being.com)

To register, email me by 48 hrs in advance of the event at ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com



Yoga and Mindfulness for Sensuality

Upcoming dates:

  • Jan 23rd 7-830am Central (Virtual)
  • Feb 1st, 8th, 15th 6-7am Central (Virtual)

This offering explores yoga and mindfulness through the lens of embodiment and sexual well-being.

This is a virtual class via zoom. $20/90 min class, $15/60 min class, with a sliding scale option (venmo @ignitewellbeing). Teens can attend with parents.

To register or for more information, please email ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com Or see my webpage for information on this and similar events here: http://ignitewell-being.com/sexual-well-being-main/ (website updates are on-going, thank you for your patience)



S e x Positive Parenting Group
Upcoming dates:
• Feb 7th 6-7pm Central (Virtual)

For more information, please see: Sex-Positive Parenting – Ignite Well-Being (ignitewell-being.com) $20/household with a sliding scale option (venmo @ignitewellbeing). To register, please email ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com



Patreon-Community Connection
Upcoming Dates:
• Feb 3rd 12-1pm Central (Virtual).

This is a virtual gathering for mid-tier Patreon supporters to offer community connection, support, and discuss various aspects of well-being (physical, mental, spiritual, sexual, social, etc).  Discussions will be determined by the needs of the community.  Free.  To support me on Patreon and have access to exclusive content there, please see https://www.pateron.com/ignitewellbeing



Shamanic Practice Information Sessions and Gatherings:
Upcoming events & dates:
• TBD, likely to resume in March 2022

Join us for a group journey session, for those with previous journeying experience.  We will mark winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, by going inward for personal and collective insights and well-being.

Past shamanic practice sessions covered introduction to shamanic practice, relationship to plants, and death and dying.  This is not a mentorship or training. Free, virtual over zoom.

Pre-registration is required by emailing 48hrs+ in advance: ignitwellbeing.naperville@gmail.com
For more events, please see the website: https://www.ignitewell-being.com