Upcoming Events

*Please note that details of specific events are on EventBrite and are updated more often there*
**All events require pre-registration for planning purposes, time management, and space restriction, approx. 48hrs in advance. Events are subject to cancellation if registration is low.**
*** I have purposefully kept my prices low and offer many free gatherings. If you are financially restricted and would like to receive a service or participate in an event, contact me directly to discuss a sliding scale or alternative options for paid gatherings you’d otherwise be unable to attend.***


One on One Client Options I currently see private clients for post-rehab/diagnosis fitness & personal training, yoga, reiki, shamanic practice, and sexuality counseling. Please see Private Client Information tab for offerings and pricing: https://ignitewell-being.com/private-client-information/

To schedule one on one sessions with me, please email me or see https://calendly.com/ignitewellbeing-naperville/


Workshops/Group Offerings

*Many of these are listed on EventBrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/allison-mitch-41024584863


Care and Commune: Queer Ecology Group

Upcoming Dates:

  • May 12th, 3-5pm Central (In-person)
  • June 9th, 3-5pm Central (In-person)

Our queer ecology group meets at the Conservation Foundation.  More information and registration info can be found on EventBrite.

Additional information on a similarly formatted event can be found here: https://ignitewell-being.com/new-moon-circles-naperville/ 


Death Café
Upcoming dates:

  • June 5th 12-1pm Central (Virtual) (open to LGBTQIA+ folk) (next June 5th)
  • July 3rd 12-1pm Central (Virtual) (PWD)

For more information, see Death Café, Naperville – Ignite Well-Being (ignitewell-being.com) Pre-registration is required via EventBrite (link above).


Do (It) Better

Upcoming Dates:

  • Spring 2024

Sexuality education specifically for cis/het men. For more information, see https://ignitewell-being.com/do-better/


Lunch and Learn: 

Upcoming Dates:

  • Anticipate July 2024

These are short, hour long sessions, to cover a variety of topics – physical health, mental health, spiritual well-being, and sexuality.

More information about specific events can be found on the EventBrite page.


Patreon-Community Connection
Upcoming Dates:

  • June 6th, 1-2pm Central (Virtual)

This is a virtual gathering for mid-tier+ Patreon supporters to offer community connection, support, and discuss various aspects of well-being (physical, mental, spiritual, sexual, social, etc).  Discussions will be determined by the needs of the community.  Free.  To support me on Patreon and have access to exclusive content there, please see https://www.pateron.com/ignitewellbeing


Peer Support Groups – GSRD:
Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday evenings through May; in June, we switch to Tuesdays):
    • June 4th 630-730pm Central (Virtual) (Gender)
    • June 11th 630-730pm Central (Virtual) (Sexual Orientation)
    • June 25th 7-8pm Central (Virtual) (Relationship Diversity)

I am offering peer support groups for gender, sexual orientation, and relationship diversity, following the GSRD model of sexuality.  The gender and sexual orientation group are open to pride community members, while the relationship diversity group is open to pride community and our allies. To register or for more information, see EventBrite.  Please note: all participants will need to sign a waiver to access peer group.


Pleasure Café + Ask a Sex Educator:
Upcoming dates:

  • May 18th 4-5pm Central (Virtual)
  • June 24th 5-6pm Central (Virtual)

For more information, see https://ignitewell-being.com/pleasure-cafe/   Registration is over EventBrite (donation-based, for 60min).  Participants must complete a group session agreement prior to participation and are expected to maintain confidentiality of and safety within our shared space.  This event is combined with the Ask a S-x Educator event. Free to Patreon supporters using a promo code. 


Savor Book Club
Upcoming dates:

  • June 25th, 6-7pm Central (Virtual): The Conversation by Dr. Robert Livingston

The book club events are open to all genders, and are a part of my professional offerings as a well-being, holistic provider, sexuality educator and counselor. Our book clubs often complement other events that month, so please consider registering for several events.

The size is limited to 10 participants. To register, please use EventBrite.

For more information on the book club, see the book club tab in the main menu.

For additional book recommendations, check out the book club I facilitate for Naper Pride (https://www.eventbrite.com/o/naper-pride-leadership-team-56422672213)


Shamanic Practice Information Sessions and Gatherings:
Upcoming events & dates:

  • TBD

Please see EventBrite for more information.

Past shamanic practice sessions covered introduction to shamanic practice, relationship to plants, and death and dying.  This is not a mentorship or training. Free, virtual over zoom.


Unlearning Shame (Registration Closed)

  • March 21st 730-9pm Central (Virtual)
  • April 4th 730-9pm Central (Virtual)
  • April 18th 730-9pm Central (Virtual)
  • May 2nd 730-9pm Central (Virtual)
  • May 16th 730-9pm Central (Virtual)
  • May 30th 730-9pm Central (Virtual)

Join a virtual support group to unravel and unload limiting beliefs and shame around sexuality.  We will discuss shame broadly across sessions, utilizing journaling between sessions with sharing and education in session, to assist participants in self, relational, and cultural examination and healing.  Participants should be in the care of a therapist if they have intense or specific needs; this group does not replace, but supports, therapeutic processes.  For sign up or more information, please see EventBrite.


Workouts, In-person

  • Wednesday, time varies, at the Fry Family YMCA

At the Fry Family YMCA, in Naperville, I offer Stronger Together (open to all but designed for people with disability (PWD) or chronic health issues).  This is a foundational strength training class, as the majority of Americans do not strength train as much as the American College of Sports Medicine recommends.  This class  is lower intensity, to ensure quality form and not exacerbate or cause injury (ex. fainting from plyometrics and POTS).