About Me


I am Dr. Allison Mitch (she/her/they/them), PT (DPT), trained sexuality educator and counselor, personal trainer, yoga instructor, reiki master, ordained minister, shamanic practitioner, women/nonbinary circle facilitator, and death café facilitator. 

Through my business, Ignite Well-being, I serve as a coach, guiding clients and groups through various modalities such as movement, sexual well-being, social connection, nature connection, and spiritual practice to awaken and center pleasure and joy.  

Trainings that inform my practice: clinical doctorate of physical therapy (PT, DPT), CHEK practitioner, yoga instructor training (RYT500),  shamanic practitioner course through Journey of the Soul, ordained minister (Universal Life Church), Masters of Science in wildlife ecology, trainings in bioregional herbalism and wild edibles, and sexuality counselor and educator training and certifications through the Sexual Health Alliance. 

I am continually striving to be sex-positive, all-body and ability affirming (ie fat liberationist and radical disability advocate),  GSRD/LGBTQIA+/kink/poly-friendly/affirming, and trauma-informed care provider.

Additional Business Background (What I do, why people work with me, where I work, what I am good at, etc) https://ignitewell-being.com/additional-background/

My Identifiers: https://ignitewell-being.com/my-identifiers/ 

My Professional Background and Vision: https://ignitewell-being.com/my-background-and-vision/ 

About My Writing: https://ignitewell-being.com/about-my-writing/ 

About My Lack of Personal Pictures:

I do not post many pictures of myself online, for privacy and to decenter our cultural obsession with appearance.  My intent too is to deemphasize my own privileges – namely white skin, assumed able-bodied-ness, and thinness.  For more discussion on this, see an early blog here https://ignitewell-being.com/blog-3-why-i-dont-post-pictures-of-myself-online/

But, I have been asked to post pictures, and on this page are a few of my favorites taken by Charlie Watts Photography in Atlanta.  




Questions or would like to work together?, Contact me, Dr. Allison Mitch, at ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com 

Check out my interview with Alive to Thrive, OT here: Fitness, Prevention, & Well-Being: An Interview with Allison Mitch – YouTube

Find me on Instagram @ignitewellbeingnaperville and Facebook @ignitewellbeingpllc, Patreon https://www.patreon.com/ignitewellbeing and Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/user-641126421

 All written material is copyright protected, including photos.  Please do not reproduce without permission.