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Health and wellness encompass the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual bodies (bodymindspirit – inseparable components of the whole). Often medical providers and practitioners of the healing arts specialize in one of the three; however, my skill set includes modalities that can address wellness needs for the whole individual. Further, while individual level wellness is important and necessary work, it is also a catalyst for bigger, community-level change and well-being. So although my one-on-one work is specific to the individual, please be aware that the intention of wellness from my perspective extends beyond the singular human being to the wellness of population and society.


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” (-J. Krishnamurti)


As a CHEK practitioner, yoga instructor, and physical therapist, my areas of interest and specialties are fitness, wellness, injury prevention, and health promotions.  I work with clients that wish to have an anatomically knowledgeable practitioner assisting them with their movement goals, which can help us (yes, us – we are a team) avoid injury, maximize strength and function, and accommodate unique needs secondary to disability, illness, injury history, etc.   


I am not a traditional physical therapist that works acute injury or post-operative conditions, as I do not take insurance; however, I would be happy to see you following completion of your traditional therapy to maintain or progress your movement and fitness goals.  If you would like to see me for PT, I do well spending one on one time with clients that have lingering  or unresolved, musculoskeletal symptoms after trying other professionals or other PTs.  I am expensive for physical therapy, but my skill level supports that. 


My one-on-one, in-person and virtual services include:

  • Fitness and physical wellness: post-rehab exercise (not associated with an injury), injury prevention, posture evaluation and correction, ergonomics assessment, fitness program evaluation and design, personal training, and motivational interviewing for physical fitness goals
    • We can include nature therapy and green exercise, depending on your goals
    • I am comfortable working with a variety of abilities, sexualities, sizes, and ages (teens to older adults), particularly from my training as a physical therapist and sexuality counselor
  • Yoga, therapeutic, adaptive, and/or fitness-oriented
    • Can include meditation and pranayama instruction
    • Adaptive options are available for people with a variety of physical limitations
  • Shamanic practice modalities, including:
    • Shamanic journeys
    • Ancestral/lineage connection
    • Individual power retrieval, soul retrieval, and/or extraction
    • Holding space for a dying person during their crossing (ie soul midwifery)
    • Psychopomp
    • Ritual & ceremony design, including rites of passage ceremony, such as pregnancy, birth, menarche, partnerships, coming out, gender transition, dying/death, etc
    • House & work place blessing
  • Reiki
  • Sexuality Counseling


Please note that some of these options are available for small group sessions, such as meditation, exercise, therapeutic yoga, and sexuality counseling.


Depending on service requested and amount of skill required, prices range from $605-350/session (see below for more info on pricing). I am available to travel to clients for an additional fee of $1/min of travel. 


House and work place blessings are offered free of charge; clients are expected to cover the cost of needed/desired supplies.


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Written by Dr. Allison Mitch, picture by Jana Blue Photography from a Mother*-daughter circle. All material is copyright protected by the writer and photographer.