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Fitness Friday: digital fitness.

How does social media use impact your life?

I was talking to a loved one about FB – how having events listed there didn’t attract new clients (it’s more word of mouth) but adds legitimacy. Then I caught myself. Is that really the measure of legitimacy? And if so, is it one we want?

Social media from a business perspective is odd. I love connecting with new people and deepening relationship with my community (especially through our closed FB groups). The down side: If you post less, you get bumped back in people’s feed (not just because of fewer posts, but the posts aren’t preferenced). So there’s this push toward lots of posting, almost performative, as a a synonym of productivity. Buts it’s not always, and as a person and consumer, it can all feel invasive and like constant commercials. So I post less as a business, but I’m still here.

From the individual perspective, social media is addicting and hits our dopamine system (the system responsible for want). This system is impossible to satisfy, hence the frequent seeking and scrolling. Does this happen to you? It did to me, especially early on during Covid. I realized what was happening – I was self-soothing but never satisfied by media. At its worst, it all felt superficial, often perpetuating limited perspectives and visuals, and disconnected, like people talking over each other rather than listening. I have since slowed my use but some days are still challenging. But less is more, at least for me and my media relationship. I’d rather be outside, connecting with my kids than gazing at my phone (pic doing just that but yes, using my phone and now posting it).

What does right relationship with social media look like for you? What are the pros and cons of media, to you? #fitnessfriday #digitaluse #rightrelationship #getoutside #lesssocialmediamorelife



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