Brave Space

As a part of my sexuality counseling and educational services and my intent to build community spaces of inquiry, growth, and affirmation, I regularly facilitate groups that examine questions and issues related to sexuality, gender identity, sexual orientation, and death, some or all of which are common concerns of the clients that find me.

If you fall along the LGBTQIA+/GSRD spectrum, please join us to ask questions, explore experiences, meet others, and create community.

I used to call my groups “safe” spaces.  However, as I gain experience in facilitating spaces and recognizing the importance of words, I am understanding how “safe” is not appropriate.  I cannot guarantee safety or a lack of discomfort.  Brave is more fitting – being able to speak and attend to the discomfort in ourselves and others are acts of courage.

Additionally, people with marginalized identities should not  be the ones “doing the work” and creating safety…..So if a space is safe, safe for whom?  Creating spaces where confidentiality, bravery, kindness are the group norm is both work and a privilege that helps change and humanize systems.  These brave spaces then are about self work, but also about group work for the people of that moment and collective work for us all.

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The above content is written by Dr. Allison Mitch (she/they, they/she), PT (DPT), RYT500; sex-positive, trauma-informed sexuality counselor and educator (she/her/they/them); copyright protected, please cite accordingly.  The picture is from Pexels.


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