Can you carry your abundance?

Fitness Friday:  can you carry your abundance?


Unlike many wellness & holistic health practitioners, I am not here to convince you of your scarcity or sell you a fix.  I am not here to tell you that your body needs to conform to some expectation or norm (ex. “lose weight” or be size x).  I am not selling you your inadequacy in order to convince you to keep coming back to my webinars or workshops. I am not working to convince you that your life lacks richness or meaning.


I am supposed to post pictures of my body and sell you on my muscular lines.  I am supposed to humble brag about a clean diet and some arbitrary fitness goals.  I am supposed to outwoke others with my progressiveness and out yoga all with my arm balances and EDS-gifted pretzel postures.


I guess I am doing it wrong.  Because, instead, I want you to know you are Beloved.  Gallant.  Abundant.  Courageously living.  Absolutely f***ing incredible in your embodiment.  Can you carry the weight of grandness?  …….  It looks good on you


I had a few clients and friends mention to me hesitancy in attending some of my groups, particularly the Pleasure Cafes, out of concern that I would promote a limited idea of sexuality and leave them feeling alienated or less than (not my style).  I have challenged my fitness clients who present with weight loss goals – what if you don’t get there?, why else do you want to move?, how can you find joy and a home in your body?, and how can we work to accept a diversity of bodies?


Our economy thrives on scarcity – buy the next thing, the fix, the class, to solve what ails you.  I don’t fit the scarcity model, as you as you are today, are enough.


How can I help then, if I am not here to sell you some of your lack?  I can help you with fitness and well-being goals you have: I can help you fine tune motivation (and get to the root of if a goal is really for YOU or serving someone else).  Because of my diverse education and biopsychosocial approach, I can often see what other professionals miss on the journey to your goals (see some of my client reviews for example).  Social justice informs all I do, so diversity acceptance is paramount – in bodies, sexualities, genders, races, abilities, etc – my adoration and promotion of diversity can help you shed the cultural narratives that limit you (see my sexual well-being offerings) – you are Beloved.  As I mention in my Intention Statement: My professional offerings are broad and varied to reflect the complexity and potentiality of the biopsychosocial model of the human experience. I am an upstreamist working to solve bigger societal issues through individuals and communities.  I don’t pick a lane, because I don’t fit into a lane and neither do my clients. You deserve to work with someone that can see you and your needs beyond a fine-tuned, hyper-focused, niche, issue in the tissue approach to maximize assisting you reach your well-being goals.


If I never meet you or work with you, I am nevertheless grateful you are here and wish for you to sense and sustain the abundance that I know you carry.


In gratitude for you all.



The above content is written by Dr. Allison Mitch, PT (DPT), RYT500, sexuality counselor and educator (in supervision); copyright protected, please cite accordingly.  The graphic is mine.


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