Dying Well (Enough)

Well-being Wednesday: dying well (enough).

After watching his Ted-talk ( https://youtu.be/apbSsILLh28 ), I began reading B.J. Miller’s A Beginner’s Guide to the End. Balancing the practical with the contemplative, the authors do an excellent job exploring aspects of dying so that readers can feel empowered for their end of life. (A similar book I’d also recommend is Advice for Future Corpses).

Some questions from these books: What do you hope for at your end of life? Does contemplating death help you focus on what’s important to you now? (And if so, what is that?). How expensive is it to die? (It’s expensive, or can be) Do you have an advance directive? Why or why not? (And here’s an intersection of my sexuality counseling training – advance directives and healthcare agents can be incredible tools for those with different lifestyles such as LGBTQA and nonmonogamy so that your wishes are honored, in case you do not have supportive next of kin; discussed @sexualhealthalliance October conference 🖤). How do you wish your body is treated after death (burial, cremation, or ?). What legacy do you hope to leave? And how do you honor the legacy of your ancestors?

I was contemplating this post while prepping a school garden I care for for winter, and it feels like a fitting parallel – the slowing down and darkness of approaching winter and the dying process. Both a respite and unbecoming.

What parallels in life have you contemplate death? We have our next death cafe this Sunday, 11/1, not coincidentally on Samhain, a day of honoring those in spirit for my particular lineage. What days do you have in your tradition(s)?

Interested in joining us for our death café, to explore some of the ideas above, email ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com.

Wishing you and yours a respite from Covid and social stressors and a happy full moon this weekend. #dyingwell #wellbeingwednesday #deathcafe #deatheducation #samhain #allthebooks #endoflifecare #reclaimdeath #endthetaboo #permaculture #birthdeathrebirth #deathisacontinuationoflife


(Image of winter prep in the garden)


Written by Dr. Allison Mitch, copyright protected, please cite accordingly.  Originally posted to social media on 10/28/20.    Images are mine.

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