How “Fit” Are You at Overcoming Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs?

Fitness Friday: How fit are you at overcoming limiting thoughts and beliefs?

In several spheres of my life, the idea of bigger.better.more has come up, particularly when considering success. These ideas tend to fall in line with “shoulds” – that is, I should be doing more of x to achieve a goal, feel accomplished, to have it “count”, or to make something a success.

But what is success? Where did these should come from? And are they actually serving me? Or you? While some of beliefs around success can motivate you, they might also paralyze you, making your goals feel unachievable or diminishing all that you have done or are currently doing. We have to remember – beliefs are just that – beliefs.

The should/bigger/better/more mentality makes me think of imposter syndrome (but an imposter of WHO?). We feel like imposters in systems that are narrow and limiting and entrenched in harmful perspectives (insert – white supremacy, colonialism, patriarchy, capitalism). Bigger.better.more isn’t a way of life, that’s cancer, that’s capitalism, that’s scarcity mindset (ie I don’t have enough so I need more), that’s overconsumption and environmental destruction.

Everyone’s definition of success will be different and will require discernment of what is specific and authentic to you (the real you, not the culturally indoctrinated voice). How do you define success? Success, to me, is all about deeper relationship (and my loved ones can confirm this for you) – relationship with clients and small groups.

Success is quality over quantity, with regular check ins and one on one time. I prefer a small set of clients that I can stay in touch with over opening a large training program or trying to extend my client reach across the country, despite some recommendations from mentors. I love working with individuals from my own community, blending personal and professional in an intimate way while creating and participating in community. This sets me apart for my clients, and sets me apart from the mainstream message of more. I find contentment in quality. I focus on abundance rather than scarcity. I see the potentiality and value in the “small” (relationship vs mass produced). I model the importance of rest and stillness in a culture that doesn’t value what isn’t monetary (i.e. rest).

So how can you use this information? Think of how your definition of success might impact your life – personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually? Even with motivation and goals (ex. New Years resolutions) – do you take on more than you can realistically accomplish?, and if so, does this impact your self-esteem or desire to pursue additional growth opportunities? Perhaps redefining success, the importance of success, or recognizing the “small” or qualitative successes (ex rest) would help. People are doing beautiful work, across a variety of scales (individual /personal to worldwide/collective), but the pursuit of magnitude might not be the best outcome or most motivating measure. You matter, your work matters (even “just” parenting or “just” surviving), your successes matter, your journey matters, your rest matters.

Wishing you all well-being and connection.

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Written by Dr. Allison Mitch, PT (DPT); copyright protected, please cite accordingly.  Originally posted to social media on 1/15/21.    Image is mine.

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