If you are applying moisturizer….

Myth-busting Monday:  If you are applying moisturizer to your face, eyes, and/or neck, it might be time to consider moisturizer for your vulva and vagina.


This is true, but, like almost everything, is person dependent.


As we age, our tissues lose moisture and become less elastic.  Many of us are familiar with the use of moisturizers as an anti-aging (or more appropriately, aging-supportive) technique for our face, eyes, and/or neck care.  But there are also moisturizers made specifically for those with vulvas.


Unlike lubricants, which are meant to ease friction for a short period of time during adult play, intimate moisturizers are used several times a week to support tissue health.  One of my favorite brands, as it approximates osmolality and vaginal pH, is Good Clean Love.  Check out their moisturizer here: https://goodcleanlove.com/collections/vaginal-care (**I do not have a professional relationship with them; they do however provide me with free samples to gift to my clients; if you have unique health concerns, please seek a specific and individualized recommendation from your healthcare provider – this is not a personal recommendation specific to the reader**)


Interested in learning more about vulvar and vaginal health during aging? We have an upcoming Savor book club event to support that topic – we will discuss What Fresh Hell is This by Heather Corinna on Jan 24th 630pm central.  Please email me to register, at least 48 hours in advance (ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com).


Thanks for reading, community.  Happy myth-busting (and moisturizing!).



The above content is written by Dr. Allison Mitch, PT (DPT), RYT500; sex-positive, trauma-informed sexuality counselor and educator (she/her/they/them); copyright protected, please cite accordingly.  The graphic is mine.


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