Payment Policies

To make my services accessible, I offer flexible pricing for group offerings and one on one sessions, meaning that I have an ask rate, but clients that cannot meet that rate are able to negotiate a price that fits their financial situation.  This honors the value of my work while meeting people where they are.

Please keep in mind that this flexibility is a gift to the community and should not be abused. If you can afford to pay an ask rate, please do pay that rate, as not doing so is a violation of integrity. Full payment by those that can afford it ensures that I can continue to offer flexibility to those in need.

My ask rate for services is based off of my expertise and market value. In fact, my rates are 2-4x less than fair market value, per my professional peers in the area and across the country.  I am not underselling myself because I lack skill (I excel at what I do), I am not a non-profit, nor am I intentionally trying to drive down prices, but I am attempting to make my services accessible to many rather than sitting on my skill set and serving a select few.

Currently, I do not accept insurance for my services, and most insurance would not cover these offerings, as they are fitness and wellness-oriented.

With pricing in mind, my professional commitment to my clients is to discharge them quickly and not keep them paying me indefinitely.  I often find that I can resolve concerns in a few visits.  However, some clients find continued value in my work and work with me longer term as they move through layers of progress on their personal journey.

There are no guarantees associated with fitness and wellness programs, as results can vary.  I do not offer refunds on services, unless a payment was made and the appointment was canceled within 48 hrs of the scheduled service.

In the event of a timely cancellation and rescheduling, I transfer the payment to cover the now rescheduled service. I work with clients to ensure their satisfaction with our sessions together, by regularly requesting feedback and making adjustments to our sessions, within reason.  Because of this commitment to quality, clients value my work and have not requested refunds (see my client reviews tab for more information).

To learn more about my pricing, please see the private client policies page and/or email me, Dr. Allison Mitch, directly