What Is Prayer to You?

What is prayer to you?

Prayer, to me, is non-religious. It is about my connection to my divinity, that is my entirety both deeply internal and embodied as well as a spaciousness and multidimensionality beyond body and including community and nature. Prayer is from the heart, not the mind, and is a clarification, a remembering of, and an attunement with Self and conduit of spirit and intimacy with all. It is not wish or request or repent, in contrast to how I learned prayer as a child, but gratitude and way of being. Praying prays You.

How do you pray?

I pray when I pause to feel into the spacious connection. I pray when I garden, dirt on knees and under fingernails, massaging Earth. I pray when reading and writing poetry – ingesting, infusing, producing words. I pray when moving my body in ways I love – particularly rhythmic motion that allows surrender, like running, biking, and swimming. Especially swimming – otherworldly and baptismal. I pray when I actually listen to (hear) my children. I pray in relationship. I pray when in service. I pray when I love.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” (-Rumi) . For more prayer inspiration, see How Do You Pray? https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18596500 ) and https://www.notesontheway.com/collections/featured/products/copy-of-template-for-future-listings-poem-4 (H/t @momentsandlight ).

“Things that are healing are not things you buy at the store. They are things of the spirit instead” (-Clarissa Pinkola Estes).

Let us pray: May we be well and at ease. May we find connection and purpose. May we be Love. In gratitude for you all. . #lifeasprayer #howdoyoupray #spiritualwellness #spiritualfitness #rumi #wildmedicine #wildwoman



Written by Dr. Allison Mitch, PT (DPT), copyright protected, please cite accordingly.  Originally posted to social media on 8/6/20.    Image is mine, of my daughter’s prayers/intentions.

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