Fitness comes in all sizes

Body size and fatness (which is not a dirty word #FatActivist) result from so much more than calories in verses calories out.  Genetics and environment play a big role.


But many in the health and fitness industry perpetuate the myth of “exercise more and eat less” to lose weight, despite these not being reliable techniques for long term weight loss.  Why?, maybe it as a form of business insurance, maybe out of under education, maybe out of implicit1 and explicit bias.  Regardless, it is time to demand better information and improved acceptance of body diversity from helping professionals.  Don’t support fitness professionals that don’t support you.


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  1. Fat bias is one form of implicit bias that is growing, culturally, when compared to other implicit biases, such as racial and sexuality bias. These biases contribute to weight stigma, which can perpetuate weight gain.  For example, people in shame about their body size may be less likely to exercise and more likely to overeat; however, weight gain is, again, related to more than these components. Now those people have lost the myriad of benefits that come from exercise and have nothing to do with weight loss, such as improved cardiovascular health and blood sugar management.
  3. Health at every size:
  6. See more content on inclusivity and reframing of the fitness industry here: and




The above content and graphic were created by Dr. Allison Mitch, PT (DPT), RYT500, CHEK practitioner/personal trainer; sex-positive, trauma-informed sexuality counselor and educator (she/her/they/them); copyright protected, please cite accordingly.


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