Fitness Friday

Check out posts on fitness.  These are not typical physical fitness posts; I work to expand the idea of fitness to be more holistic, inclusive, achievable, and inspirational.


From 5/6/22, PTs Can Assist With Athletic Injury Prevention

From 12/24/21, Why I Became a Movement Professional

From 12/3/21, If your trainer says you’re cheating, they might be cheating you

From 11/5/21, Fit For Business

From 10/15/21, “You Don’t Look Like You Have EDS”

From 9/10/21, Yoga, Healing, and Disability

From 8/6/21, Meaning of “Personal Trainer”

From 7/9/21, Find Other Reasons to Move Besides Weight Loss

From 6/25/21, Can You Carry Your Abundance?

From 5/21/21, Finding Joy in Movement

From 4/16/21, Exercise for Improved Sleep in Older Adults

From 2/19/21, Spiritual Fitness, see post on Patreon

From 2/12/21, Chaos Training, see post on Patreon

From 1/15/21, How “Fit” Are You at Overcoming Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs?

From 12/11/20, Fit Enough to Dismantle Ableism?

From 11/13/20, Exercise and Diet for a Lifetime of Sexual Wellness

From 11/6/20, Nervous System Training

From 10/23/20, Leverage Your Motivation

From 10/16/20, Digital Fitness

From 9/19/20, Decolonizing Fitness

From 8/7/20, The Athleticism, Ergonomics, and Revolutionary Potential of Gardening 

From 7/10/20, What Does Physical Fitness Look Like?

From 6/27/20, Racial Disparities in the Exercise and Fitness Industry



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