Social Well-Being

Relationships and social connection impact health, quality of life, and wellness. Social well-being is not separate from other realms of wellness – a sense of connectedness impacts spirituality, mental/emotional health, sexuality, and the physical body, and vice versa. Human beings are a social species, and loneliness may be a contributor to non-communicable diseases and mental health issues1. A person’s level of “function” and disability is dependent on their relationships and the society in which they live (often society is broken and inaccessible, reducing the function of the person).  A more holistic, biopsychosocial approach to the assessment of well-being that includes social connection and relationship is an upstream (i.e. up-scaling) approach to health promotion and wellness.


This centering of we and community is a part of my shamanic, mystical world view.  As Thich Nhat Hanh says, we inter-are.  There is no separate self, only a sterile, bereft culture and an un-remembering of who We are (or more appropriately who We is, as We is truly a singular).  Self-care, self-promotion, self-identifying, self-focus will only get you so far, and for most of us, that location isn’t good enough.


I am not a mental health practitioner or a marriage and family relationship specialist. However, I do have group offerings that are meant to create a sense of community and belonging as I ascribe to the understanding of how vital a sense of connectedness is.  Life is best lived from a space of both/and – both autonomous/uniquely you but in a community supported by love and kindness.


Information on complementary and integrative health and wellness modalities, specific to social connection is listed below.  Please see the other main pages for information on additional modalities.  Also, see my blog as well as my wellbeing Wednesday and fitness Friday tabs for additional ideas on expanding our framework of connection and well-being.


– Death Café, Naperville:

New Moon Circles, Naperville: 

– Pleasure Café:

– Savor Book Club:

S e x -Positive Parenting Group:

– Yoga and Mindfulness for Sensuality: yoga-and-mindfulness-for-sensuality/


  1. see Together by Vivek H. Murthy and Dangers of loneliness: Social isolation is deadlier than obesity. ( and Loneliness Is a Public Health Problem: This Low-Tech Intervention Can Help – Scientific American


*Please note that none of the above information is specific medical advice, but are educational resources.  If you have concerns about your health, please contact a trusted healthcare professional*



The above content is written by Dr. Allison Mitch, PT (DPT), shamanic practitioner, Sexuality counselor and educator; copyright protected, please cite accordingly.

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