Spiritual Well-Being

Spirituality is not synonymous with religiosity and can complement most religious backgrounds (even areligious and atheistic).   Spirituality is the sense of purpose in your life (i.e. meaning making), it is resilience, it is where you find joy and awe, it is creativity, and it offers connection (to some Thing deeper within or even beyond yourself); as such, spiritual well-being impacts health and quality of life.


Spirituality impacts health – whether through creation of community and sense of connection to others or a higher source, through reduced depression, anxiety, and stress, through reduced burnout for care givers. Though many scientific studies focus on Judeo-Christian traditions when examining health and spirituality, the health and wellness benefits of spirituality extend beyond that religious umbrella to other world religions and even non-religious spirituality.  Spirituality itself is abstract and challenging to define, which is what makes research of spirituality challenging (because labels can be limiting).


As a physical therapist, I have witnessed how spirituality impacts a client’s rehabilitation outcomes, and intuitively, within my own life, spirituality has been a significant component of my own wellness journey as I navigated challenges and looked for explanations for unfamiliar experiences. With my additional training as a yoga teacher (RYT 500), reiki master, and shamanic practitioner, as well as my ordination as a minister through Universal Life Church, I am able to supplement my understanding of holistic health and well-being and utilize various access points and tools to assist clients and my community in improving quality of life and connection.


I am available for one-on-one and group offerings, including those listed below.   For more information, please see my Events page, Private Client Information page, and/or contact me at ignitewellbeing.naperville@gmail.com






Below is information on complementary and integrative health and wellness modalities, specific to spirituality that I offer to clients or small groups.  Please see the other main pages for information on additional modalities


– Death Café, Naperville: https://ignitewell-being.com/death-cafe-naperville/

– Meditationhttps://ignitewell-being.com/what-is-meditation/ 

– Mindfulness: https://ignitewell-being.com/what-is-mindfulness/

– Nature Therapy: https://ignitewell-being.com/what-is-nature-therapy/

New Moon Circles, Naperville: https://ignitewell-being.com/new-moon-circles-naperville/ 

– Pleasure Café:  https://ignitewell-being.com/pleasure-cafe/

– Pranayama: https://ignitewell-being.com/what-is-pranayama/ 

– Psychopomp: https://ignitewell-being.com/psychopomp/

– Reiki: https://ignitewell-being.com/what-is-reiki/

– Savor Book Club: https://ignitewell-being.com/book-reviews/

– Sexuality Counseling: https://ignitewell-being.com/what-is-sexuality-counseling/

– Shamanic Practicehttps://ignitewell-being.com/what-is-shamanic-practice/ 

– Yogahttps://ignitewell-being.com/what-is-yoga/  Also see Yoga and Mindfulness for Sensuality https://ignitewell-being.com/yoga-and-mindfulness-for-sensuality/




*Please note that none of the above information is specific medical advice, but are educational resources.  If you have concerns about your health, please contact a trusted healthcare professional*





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