Do Better

Do better – sex ed for the cis/het man by a queer femme.

This sexuality education group meets once a month and is specific to cis/het men – those least likely to seek out sexuality education as adults.  We will discuss anatomy, communication, use of toys, consent, emotional competency, relationship skills and intelligence, power dynamics and social privilege, orgasm gap, trauma awareness, factors that influence desire, sex worth wanting, among other things.

Sex is praxis for more ethical ways of being human.  Educating, building awareness, and adjusting behaviors for those in positions of social power help to flatten the power differentials, creating relationships and communities based on ethics and care, and greater well-being for all.

Our first session meets virtually July 31st, 630pm Central.  Ideally, participants will continue their journey with this class across months to hone their skills and education.  In the future, this course might be adjusted to a series format to reflect the continuous learning; at this time, classes are one off and based of the topics listed above and participant’s specific questions.  Participants will need to sign a consent form that establish group agreements before participating.

To sign up and grow a more care-based sexual ethic for yourself and our communities, please use the EventBrite page



Facilitated by Allison Mitch (they/she), CSE, and trained sexuality counselor.