My Background And Vision

My Background And Vision:

As a holistic wellness practitioner, I recognize the need for well-being across the bodymindspirit realms of an individual and community and can support these realms with my diverse educational background.

Rather than seeing humans as mechanistic beings, separate from nature, I recognize that we are, as a species, interconnected and integrally related to our ecosystem. Holistic health and well-being includes modalities beyond basic, individualistic diet and exercise, which often leaves us wanting, unwell, unmotivated.

True healing and wellness comes from an incorporation of all ways of being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual = integrative, even sexual, holistic health) and a deeper relationship with the earth (our original attachment).

In addition to maximizing individual wellness, I work to develop community connection through my offerings as well as my writing and on Patreon ( Community care and connection are integral to healthy societies and are the foundation of healthy individuals, and this is where many wellness offerings fail.  True well-being is not a solo, inside job, but is found in community and an upstream, systems-based approach.  Further, systems structured around permaculture, partnership, and abundance are a perspective I ascribe to as a faculty member of The Resiliency Institute as well as Director of Outreach and Education for Naper Pride.




The above content is written by Dr. Allison Mitch (they/she), PT (DPT), RYT500; sex-positive/affirming, trauma-informed sexuality counselor and educator (CSC, CSE); copyright protected, please cite accordingly.  The picture is from a past circle, taken by Jana Blue Photography.

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