Reimagining the world (with your tongue)


The root of the word language is




Tongue flicking fingers

holding pen

Converting flavor

into words

And power

        To name,



Tongue, keeper of

        Khechari Mudra and


Palate mirroring pelvis mirroring uvula mirroring diaphragm

Vestibules collecting and coalescing


Harnessed, bridled, sometimes


        Kundalini rising




Threshold of new worlds and words.

Liberated and shed

of stagnation.

Clarifying through breath ushered

Into form

Licking clean

The fondled scripture

And imagination






Poem by Dr. Allison Mitch.  Work is copyright protected, please cite accordingly.  For correspondence, please email


Background:  This poem contains several themes, pulled from tantric yoga. Vishuddha is the throat chakra, center of self-expression and purification, related to elements of ether, air, smoke, sound, hearing, taste, smell, and the seed sound ham. The throat can be manipulated to form the Jalandhara Bandha (throat lock), to move or contain prana.


Khechari Mudra is a sacred seal - tongue to roof of mouth, that spot between soft and hard palate. Mudras are like bandhas in their intent to move energies (prana). Translated as “one who moves the sky”, the practitioner is said to unite with the universal divine. The translation is dear to me, as it alludes to the manipulation of ether, sound, air, all crafted by throat and tongue into some form of artistry.


Language is sacred, in part because it creates and connects and validates, while it also has the power to separate, harm, weaponize. As a word weaver, the beatified nature of speech is intuitive and always near. Thanks for reading. <3