Small Scale is My Scale

At this time, I do not offer for-profit downloadable content, such as recordings and workshops, on my website at this time for a couple of reasons.


The first and primary reason:  I want quality engagement with my audience and consumers.  If a consumer I don’t know downloads and accesses my educational content, I do not know if that person ends up using the content, if they find it helpful, where they are coming from in their need of or interest in the material, etc.  I put my heart into much of what I do, and I do what I do to connect with and help people.  In these essentially anonymous exchanges, I feel like my efforts and passion falls flat (can you tell I am an INFJ?).


I want to know my clients and group participants – knowing them, crafting material for them, and watching them find resonance and new strategies to reach their fullest selves, that is why I do what I do. This is both limiting (in terms of the number of people I can work with) and rewarding (I can tailor content to the client’s specific needs, ensuring improved outcomes).


The second reason:  having payment-based, downloadable content is a good business idea.  It hacks a person’s impulse to buy something – they find the thing, the thing sounds interesting, they click the link to purchase, and done.  A business made money, consumptive capitalism gets another point.  Maybe the consumer is better off from their purchase (but we don’t know that, see #1)?  I do deserve to be paid for my time, but what I do is not for the impulsive or to be done on an impulse.  I want intent from my clients, I want to help them achieve their goals or access new parts of themselves that they are looking for.  This intention and their goals implies a depth not present in an impulse purchase. I am not trying to hijack and manipulate the client’s neurosystem to get their money.  My work is not meant as a bandaid, a capitalistic escape, superficial self-care, or a dopamine hit.


Though they have their place, bandaids are bullsh*t – I want real change for my folks, and what I do is client-led, substantive work for both my clients and me.


Small scale is my scale.  While I anticipate offering downloadable content in the future, I do not have the bandwidth to develop that content at this time.  I am, however, constantly assisting clients one-on-one and offering new, live, mostly virtual workshops and gatherings – if these offerings interest you, please join us.  You can find more information about upcoming events here: or email me directly at