Well-being Wednesday

Below are short though pieces (~500 words or less) regarding well-being practices that might speak to you.


From 8/10/22, Accountability is a Wellness Practice

From 5/18/22, May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month

From 1/12/22, Joie De Vivre

From 12/22/21, A Secret-keeper and the Solstice 

From 12/15/21, What is Your Relationship with Labels?

From 11/10/21, Predatory Wellness

From 7/27/21, Intuitive Eating (on Patreon)

From 6/30/21, Intimacy & Well-being

From 4/7/21, Physical Inactivity and Workplace Culture

From 3/31/21, The Wisdom of Emotions

From 3/10/21, The Taboo

From 2/3/21, Social Connection, see post on Patreon

From 1/27/21, Wintering

From 1/20/21, What is Sexuality

From 12/16/20, Awe

From 11/18/20, The Orgasm Gap

From 11/11/20, A Primer on Ableism

From 10/28/20, Dying Well (Enough)

From 10/14/20, Sexual Well-being

From 8/26/20, A Good Life

From 9/9/20, Computer Workstation Ergonomics

From 7/29/20, We’ve Been Training For This For Years

From 7/8/20, What’s Blooming?

From 6/24/20, What Are You Reading?

From 4/27/20, Fair Share

~Additional Content Coming Soon~