Myth-Busting Monday

Check out various myth-busting topics around sexuality at the links below.  Several posts were crafted for Patreon supporters only and are indicated as such (thank you for your support).

Please note that none of this content is meant as specific medical or counseling advice. If you want individualized information or assessment, please consult with a trusted counselor or healthcare provider. Further, this content is educational but is geared towards adults (though the content is not graphic).  If you are a younger person wanting accessible educational information, please see Scarleteen  (and note that I am not associated with their website)


From 11/22/21, we are doubling down this week with 2 related posts:  Low Desire Means There is Something Wrong With You and PIV Sx Is Normal Sx

From 11/15/21, The Problems with Coming Out

From 11/8/21, The Wage Gap

From 10/25/21, How to Sx

From 10/18/21, They Isn’t A Correct Singular Pronoun

From 10/11/21, “I’m Alpha”

From 9/27/21, Queer Up Your Sx

From 8/30/21, How much sex you are having is a good indicator of your sexual wellbeing 

From 8/23/21, Representing male sexual anatomy in film and media is p0rnographic

From 8/9/21, People with Disability or Illness Are Not Interested in Sex

From 8/2/21, Talking About S*x Douses the Spark

From 7/12/21, RIC: Common and Medically Necessary

From 7/5/21, Gnomes Are Signs For Swingers

From 6/28/21, Sex/Gender and Sexual Orientation

From 5/24/21, People Have Few Reasons For Having Sex

From 5/17/21, Conversion Therapy

From 5/10/21, STIs

From 5/3/21, No One Likes Vanilla

From 4/12/21, Adult Sex Education

From 3/22/21, Spontaneous Sex

From 3/9/21, Born This Way

From 3/1/21, Sex Positivity, see post on Patreon

From 2/21/21, Bisexuality

From 2/8/21, Orgasms, see post on Patreon

From 2/1/21, The Hymen, see post on Patreon

From 1/25/21, Pay Attention to Your Partner’s Words