Myth-Busting Monday

Check out various myth-busting topics around sexuality at the links below.  Several posts were crafted for Patreon supporters only and are indicated as such (thank you for your support).


From 8/30/21, How much sex you are having is a good indicator of your sexual wellbeing 

From 8/23/21, Representing male sexual anatomy in film and media is p0rnographic

From 8/9/21, People with Disability or Illness Are Not Interested in Sex

From 8/2/21, Talking About S*x Douses the Spark

From 7/12/21, RIC: Common and Medically Necessary

From 7/5/21, Gnomes Are Signs For Swingers

From 6/28/21, Sex/Gender and Sexual Orientation

From 5/24/21, People Have Few Reasons For Having Sex

From 5/17/21, Conversion Therapy

From 5/10/21, STIs

From 5/3/21, No One Likes Vanilla

From 4/12/21, Adult Sex Education

From 3/22/21, Spontaneous Sex

From 3/9/21, Born This Way

From 3/1/21, Sex Positivity, see post on Patreon

From 2/21/21, Bisexuality

From 2/8/21, Orgasms, see post on Patreon

From 2/1/21, The Hymen, see post on Patreon

From 1/25/21, Pay Attention to Your Partner’s Words



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